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Buying maps to help in finding trade routes? It's tedious and stupid. The only decent way to make money early-game is to sit around waiting for pirates to show up so you can get paid for helping get rid of them. Showing 1 - 15 of 30 comments. It does make early-game trading very difficult. You can theoretically do it by keeping paper notes, but in practice trading is pretty iffy until you get at least an Orange upgrade and can see the local economy summary.

Avorion - Comprehensive Trading and Earning Credits Guide

Selling mined resources and the occasional delivery mission come to mind. Chaoslink View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by gussmed :. Cy View Profile View Posts. Nobody wants to waste an upgrade slot for that.

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Also trading is broken very hard. You can not really make profit with trading if a faction does not have excellent relations with you. The prices on stations also change so often that trading turned into gambling. Originally posted by Chaoslink :. Originally posted by Cy :. Last edited by Chaoslink ; 2 Sep, pm. Trading has its mentioned flaws. When I say that it as a gameble then I mean it. Sure you made 30m with a trade once. That is not much at all either when we are looking at end game.

Avorion - 8 - Automatic Trades

When you have money already trading sux a lot in compmarisson to having factories. Sure there are exceptions to find lucky deals but they are just that, exceptions. It is really common to not find any profit in trade.

How do the advance trading system card work? :: Avorion General Discussions

Other ways to earn capital If you're really unlucky with claimable asteroids, you may be able to earn the starting capital the following ways: "Combat" and salvage Your starting ship is probably not quite fit for "real" combat in all but the easiest difficulties. However, if pirates attack the sector you're in, and it's a populated sector, you'd likely have a number of friendly combat ships from the controlling faction that will go and fight them. You can thus try to "help" them by shooting the pirates with your starter chainguns.

Note that their range is only about 3.

Explore Properties

You know you've hit them when numbers begin to fly. Be careful; if they begin to shoot back, get away and try to refocus their attention to one of the NPC ships. Unfortunately, alien attacks as of the time of writing don't produce any reward other than faction reputation. However, regardless whether they are pirates, aliens, or even another faction, combat leaves behind defeated ships and wreckage.

Often there are turrets and upgrades that fly out of them when they are defeated that you can just pick up; however you may earn even more turrets and upgrades by searching the wreckage i. Don't bother getting every last piece, just break up the larger bits. If you find useful upgrades and turrets, you can equip them. Sell unneeded ones to a nearby equipment dock. On the map screen, there is a search bar on the top left; your starting sector would also have an equipment dock Be especially on the look out for "transporter upgrades".

It is recommended you sell these in the early game, because you can't actually use them till late game when you obtain Xanion , and by then you probably would have looted a higher-quality version. Even a common one can sell for a whopping , at an equipment dock! Missions Another possible way to earn capital. Unfortunately right now there isn't much variety to the missions, and the only one I can recommend as a capital-earning method is the "Explore Sector" mission from a Military Outpost.

If you get one, and if the target isn't too far from the gate network, and if scouting it with your mining drone doesn't reveal a bunch of pirates ready to destroy you, go for it!

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You may also find very useful things in that sector, like claimable asteroids, secret stashes, and even sometimes abandoned ships you can restore they are probably not spaceworthy though, so just switch to them, go to build mode, and delete all the blocks to reclaim the resources As for the other mission types, "Resource Shortage" missions are the most common and can be quite lucrative, but I consider it a form of trading, since you both need the capital to obtain the goods, and the cargo space to store it; as such, I will cover those as one of the trading strategies.

If you fail, you get stuck with the goods and have to find a buyer for them. There is no penalty to failing or abandoning a mission, except for the possibility of getting stuck with a good that you can't find a buyer for in the case of Resource Shortage or Delivery.

Mining I'd treat this as a last resort, because you'll usually want to save minerals for upgrading your ship. But, if you have absolutely no luck with either of the other methods, this is a slow-and-reliable way to earn your starting capital. Simply go to a resource depot there is one in your starting sector too and sell off the minerals you collected.

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  3. High Tech Trading system How do you use it? - Gameplay Discussion - Avorion Forums.

It is recommended you only sell iron to begin with. Recommended Requirements for Trading A ship with at least cargo space; more is better, especially if you can get at least Speed is also very useful, as is brake thrust; you'd want to be able to travel between stations and gates quickly, and have enough brake thrust to avoid overshooting the stations every time you try to dock with them. A "trading system" upgrade of at least common quality.

If you didn't loot one, you may be able to buy one at an equipment dock; the common one should only cost 8, credits. If you can't find it there, note that in single player, you can refresh an equipment dock's inventory simply by logging out and logging back into the galaxy; it shouldn't take too long to find the common one, cause it's, well, common.

Improved Trading System

It's also possible to trade without one, but it can be a bit more difficult, especially if you're not familiar with what kinds of goods stations normally buy or sell. At least 25, credits of capital after the other expenses, so don't spend too much on a fancy ship or trading system if you can only barely afford it! If you find a civilian ship icons should be square , ask them where their home sector is. You can do this even with your starting faction.

Home sectors are often useful stops in trading routes as they contain a lot of stations, as well as stations personally useful to you like equipment docks and resource depots. Avoid buying from Turret Factories for any trading purpose. They sell goods for way above base value and you'd typically make a loss when trying to sell them.

They are only provided for convenience for players wanting to craft turrets and too impatient or unlucky to find another source of those goods , not trading. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Global Achievements. I have an advance trading upgrade blue card but I don't see any difference between it being installed and not installed.

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How to Trading and Earning Credits

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