What are forex reserves?

The Forex reserves could be used to pay external debts , provide capital to fund sectors of economy, and generate profit from diversified portfolio. Please keep watching this space for more updates on current affairs and economy!

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India's Forex Reserves

Recent Posts See All. Post not marked as liked 1. Foreign investors had acquired stakes in several Indian companies in the last two months. Fall in crude oil prices has brought down the oil import bill, saving precious foreign exchange. The months of May and June are expected to show further decline in dollar outflows.

The rising reserves is also helping the rupee to strengthen against the dollar.

[Explained] Why are India's forex reserves burgeoning and how should they be deployed

The foreign exchange reserves to GDP ratio is around 15 per cent. Reserves will provide a level of confidence to markets that a country can meet its external obligations, demonstrate the backing of domestic currency by external assets, assist the government in meeting its foreign exchange needs and external debt obligations and maintain a reserve for national disasters or emergencies.

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Forex Reserves at $ billion - What can India do?

By clicking below to sign up, you're agreeing to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Friday, April 2, Business Banking. All Sections. The headquarters of the Reserve Bank of India in Mumbai. Why rush? New Etihad Rail contract frees up , truck trips.

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Dubai-Delhi is third busiest air travel route worldwide. Clearly, the investment strategy that worked in debt funds in the past will not work in the future. Approval for use of multiple vaccines, faster than anticipated recovery on the economic front, rising corporate profitability, rising stock markets and a pro-growth budget are helping relegate the dark memories of the Covid 19 pandemic into the background and not to forget, a memorable victory for the Indian cricket team under most trying conditions in Australia.

The series showcased the resilience, tenacity and confidence of youth of this country.

1991 Indian economic crisis

What we saw on the field of cricket is a reflection of the attitude of the next generation. Mutual funds have emerged as one of the simplest financial tools for an investor to achieve financial goals. What defines the working and the performance of each of them is the underlying asset-class. Those mutual fund schemes which have predominantly higher allocation to equities are suited for long term goals while those with higher allocation to debt are suited for short-to-medium term goals.

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