What is the Centre of Gravity Indicator?

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Hamchoi Friday, 30 December Ama Monday, 29 February Amit Friday, 06 March We can simply analyze the trend and get the exact entry to trade by looking this picture.. But in reality it will not work..

center of gravity forex trading strategy

If we opened any position and if the price moves and if its break BM TP lines. Joao Tuesday, 02 September Hi Ronald, does this indicator repaint? One suggestion is to only open a position only after the first candle closes within the third band. This example shows three candles which penetrate the third band. Only the third candle actually closes within the third band. The position is opened at the opening price of the next, new candle.

An alternative for the even more prudent trader is to open the position only when the market price hits the outer edge of the third band.

Center of Gravity Indicator Testing - Best Trading Indicators

The COG bands are dynamic. They are not static. The centre of gravity line and its related bands change based on the current market price. It is entirely possible that a signal located in the third band today, visually, no longer lies in the third band tomorrow. Given the dynamic nature of the bands it is not possible to back-test this strategy.

This indicator is an oscillator which oscillates through three zones: the neutral zone in the middle, the exit zones and the alarm zones.

In the neutral zone nothing happens. In the exit zones positions can be closed. The alarm zones can correspond with entry signals. The COG Timing indicator gives the impression that the full potential of a trade is not exploited.

The strategy in detail

As a stop the indicator also appears less suitable. In practice the Slow Stochastics probably enjoy a slight preference as a combination with the COG strategy. Alternative 1: Target price and stop can be determined on the basis the ATR average true range.

Traders should respect a return-risk ratio of 2 or more when determining their target and stop. So if you are looking for a really straightforward COG indicator, you may find that this is the best Center of Gravity indicator for you. MetaTrader 4 Supreme Edition is a plugin that provides traders with a special, expanded version of MT4. Instead, you get a whole tranche of tools and extra functionality that has been chosen and developed by trading professionals.

The indicator looks back at historical data, applies a weighting in favour of newer prices, and then calculates zones of resistance and support.

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The Admiral Gravity indicator displays these zones as coloured bands as you can see on the right hand side of the chart above. The darker the blue you see, the stronger the indicated support or resistance is.

In keeping with conventional theory of price action , the price is likely to rebound from these bands of support or resistance. Should the price clearly break through the darkest blue band, it may indicate the formation of a new trend. Blue is the default colour for the bands, but can easily be configured to any colour of your choosing. Another aspect you can change is the time period, with a choice between a normal calculation, or a shortened version for smaller durations.

It's also possible to alter the area of reference.

Forex center of gravity

To do this, you simply need to draw a vertical line on the chart, and then edit the line and change the 'Name' field to 'GStart'. Notice how it drags the bars across the chart to wherever you have chosen to place the vertical line. As we stated in the introduction, the COG is a leading indicator. Leading indicators tend to be useful in range-bound markets, and can be used to identify where the upper and lower bounds of the range are likely to be.

This aids in trading turning points in the price. The Center of Gravity system is ill-suited to a trending market,, as trying to trade these inflexion points in such circumstances can be risky. It's important, therefore, to first identify a range-bound market. We want a market that is fluctuating regularly up and down, but with no clear overall net movement. You might find that another indicator, or a combination of other indicators will aid you in identifying a sideways moving market. It's a general piece of wisdom that the utility of a technical indicator can be enhanced by comparing its findings with that of another indicator.

The best indicator in the world is going to be wrong a fair amount of the time. So it's a great idea to try and winnow out as many false signals as you can. The Admiral Gravity indicator is great because it's so simple and easy to use, but it's more useful as a general guide to areas of support and resistance. You will probably want to use it in combination with another tool to firm up your trading signals. Can you see how the lower Keltner channel and the blue support zone tally up in a couple of places? Notice also how the market bounces off these points.

The Keltner channel indicator is another one of the tools that come as part of the MetaTrader 4 Supreme Edition add-on. As we discussed earlier, there are a number of different types of MT4 COG indicators available to download. Whichever ones you choose to look into, make sure you try them out first without risking real money. Our risk-free demo trading account offers an excellent environment for experimenting with different indicators and trading strategies.

Doing so will allow you to determine which center of gravity Forex indicator is the best for you.