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It can also involve buying call options, knowing that bullish action in that market can lead dealers to buy the stock and push the share prices higher.

Reddit stock traders pump up GameStop, Blackberry stock - Los Angeles Times

For some investment industry pros, an adapt-or-perish type of mentality is setting in. All those hard-learned lessons about valuations and investing discipline may, in many cases, need to take a back seat to simply following the buzz on social media. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Bloomberg delivers business and financial information, news and insight around the world.

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The moratorium, which affected H-1B visas used by technology companies to hire foreign coders and engineers, was imposed last June. CEO Elon Musk must also delete an anti-union tweet. The heads of Google, Facebook and Twitter have taken different positions on that question.

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Facebook finds Chinese hacking operation targeting Uyghurs. Facebook says hackers in China used fake accounts and impostor websites to try to break into the phones of Uyghur Muslims. All Sections. About Us. Brand Publishing.

Leaders of the Reddit share-trading rabble revealed

Business Visionaries. Hot Property. Times Events. Times Store. In Feb. This is because traders perceive that there is no cost to getting in and out of their stock and option contracts there IS a cost from the bid-ask spread traders pay, but that cost is far more opaque to the average trader.

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  • If you really want to make money trading a small account, you need to use leverage; you need to trade options. NIO Inc. This would be rare on any company, much less a Chinese electric car company. When a stock does move, these options cause wild swings because they are so close to their expiration date.

    Ten years ago -- heck, ten months ago -- I would NEVER have seen this kind of heavy option interest just three days before an expiration date. On Jan. Options volume was over , option call contracts… ALL expiring in three days. Now, if you are wondering how these new retail traders magically pile into the same 10 stocks at once, there are two reasons:. Reason One is that the brokers especially Robinhood publish to their clients what their other clients are buying.

    Volume begets volume, and with the brokers telling their traders what everyone else is buying, it causes volumes to just go up and up and up. Reason Two is that social media, TikTok and Reddit are driving volumes in specific names. Some of the most ridiculous messages get posted by people who CLEARLY know nothing about financial markets and are just trying to get people to pay for their ideas, ideas which currently seem to be "what is trending on Robinhood…buy that.

    Reddit is a bit of a different animal. The WallStreetBets community on Reddit is a lot more like a trading pit than many in the professional community would probably like to admit.

    r/wallstreetbets $500 to $7,000 In 14 Minutes! (WSB Options Trading Crazy Story)

    These traders are sharing ideas, and trading as a group. Back in the day on the floor, it was not THAT different.

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    That said, as powerful as the posters on Wall StreetBets are, they probably need to know that their forums are being spammed with bots, and more importantly, read by artificial intelligence. These algorithms scrape public forums to find the stocks that are receiving heavy traffic and positive publicity -- and market makers and hedge funds use that information to make money off of retail traders. Over the summer, my firm OptionPit. We then overlaid a system that tracks institutional block trading.

    We found that when retail traders buy -- and then institutional money moves in afterward -- THOSE are the stocks that really go to the moon. The key to this tracking system is observing the size of the trades being executed in a name.