KRA Simba System Training

Kenya Revenue Authority has spent time and resources setting up systems, procedures and the adoption of new strategies aimed at enhancing the operational efficiency of the Authority's processes, including those of the Customs Services Department. In… Expand. Save to Library.

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Create Alert. Launch Research Feed. Share This Paper. Any discrepancies on value, quality, quantity or the finding of any undeclared items will lead to customs filling an offence against you and the outcomes are varied and guided by the customs management act. Trust me, if the verifier is determined to find an offence against you, they will! If cargo was not verified or scanned or if the results of verification was a clean bill, Kenya customs issues a Customs Release Order CRO once it is confirmed that the delivery order obtained earlier is reflecting online.

WCO PICARD 2017 - Risk Management system as an effective means of Customs Border Control

It indicates the clearing agent for which the cargo was checked by customs is indeed to be released. Port Charges are then paid usually by deducting the clearing agents running account with the port. Cargo can then be carried out of the port premises.

Allocated truck and trailer must be booked via Simba system for loading purposes. NB: Your container can be held by the releasing gate officer is any irregularities are suspected. Some container freight stations are manual, some electronic.

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Some require you to pay with bankers cheques, others can take credit cards. You just cleared a cargo container through the port on Mombasa. KenTex Cargo can help you navigate the process and make it as pain free as possible. Any little delay there are a lot of reasons to be delayed or referred back weighs heavily on your pocket.

Dermurage is expensive KSH 12, a day plus time wasted and accommodation expenses in Mombasa. Let us do the dirty work for you. If you have been through hell in the past trying to clear your container, you know it is not worth it trying to do it yourself. Let us take care of your logistics needs. Why do I need a clearing agent and cannot clear the goods myself?

KRA Simba System Explained

Importation and exportation in Kenya is not straight forward as one may think. There are numerous procedures to follow and an error in any one procedure may lead to penalties and excessive costs. Since the introduction of online clearing procedures in , only companies who hold a clearing license may access these systems.

Furthermore it is a license requirement that clearing agents are trained by the KRA. It has been proven time and time again that clearing agents are the most effective and efficient way of getting importation or exportation done in Kenya.

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What documents are required for importation? The following documents are required for importation clearance: Letter of authority Bill of lading Commercial invoice Packing list Certificate of Conformity if required Insurance optional Import Declaration Form Fumigation certificate if required Health certificate for food items. Does PFL own transport facilities?

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No PFL does not own any transport facilities, but rather has a network of preferred transporters. The advantages of this arrangement is that PFL can obtain various quotes from our network in order to give the client the best price, there is always a fallback transporter available, and the transporters have established relationships with our staff and therefore coordination is a breeze. There are hundreds of clearing agents out there, why PFL?

The first thing when looking to engage a clearing agent is to investigate how long they have been in the business. The longer one has been in the business the more experience and the more established relationships with various authorities they have. Secondly larger, established clearing firms may seem more attractive and reliable, but they also have higher overheads and therefore have high prices too. With PFL our prices are the most competitive in the market and we will endeavor to beat any quote. And finally with PFL you deal with the directors directly and therefore get a truly personalized service.

What is a C11 form? This form is handled by our shipping department. It is used to make an application to amend an error in the manifest. This is issued by KRA customs after verification is done and all documents are in order. Only after a CRO is issued is when charges can be paid and consignment loaded out of the container freight station. A delivery order is a document issued by the shipping line to the clearing agent proving that the consignee owner of cargo has authorized the clearing agent to handle their cargo.

A delivery order is only issued once all shipping line charges are paid and Bill of Lading surrendered. What is the process of clearing Goods at the port from the customs? Ad by Tipalti. Tipalti makes mass payouts to global suppliers, partners, affiliates, publishers, and freelancers. This includes presentation of a Bill of Entry containing details such as description of goods, value, quantity, exemption notification etc. This Bill of Entry is subject to verification by the proper officer of Customs under self assessment scheme and may be reassessed if declarations are found to be incorrect.

Similarly Customs clearance formalities for goods meant for export have to be fulfilled by presenting a Shipping Bill and other related documents. There could also be cases of transshipment of the goods after unloading to a port outside India. Here also simple procedure for transshipment is prescribed, and no duty is required to be paid. The Bill of Entry is to be submitted in sets, different copies meant for different purposes and also bearing different colours, and on the body of the Bill of Entry the purpose for which it will be used is mentioned.

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A signed paper copy of the declaration is taken by the service centre operator for non-reputability of the declaration. No original documents are taken at this stage. Original documents are taken at the time of examination. In the manual format, the importer has to get the Bill of Entry noted in the concerned Noting Section which checks the consignment sought to be cleared having been manifested in the particular vessel and a Bill of Entry number is generated and indicated on all copies.

After noting, the Bill of Entry gets sent to the appraising section of the Custom House for assessment functions, payment of duty etc. In the EDI system, the noting aspect is checked by the system itself, which also generates Bill of Entry number. Appraising Wing of the Custom House has a number of Groups dealing with commodities falling under different Chapter Headings of the Customs Tariff and they take up further scrutiny for assessment, import permissibility angle etc. Self-assessment of imported and export goods: 3.

Section 17 of the Customs Act, provides for self-assessment of duty on imported and export goods by the importer or exporter himself by filing a Bill of Entry or Shipping Bill, as the case may be, in the electronic form new Section 46 or Where it is not feasible to file these documents in the System, the concerned Commissioner can allow filing of Bill of Entry in manual mode by the importer. However, this facility should not be allowed in routine and Commissioner of Customs should ensure that manual filing of Bill of Entry is allowed only in genuine and deserving cases. Similarly, on export side also, Section 50 of the Customs Act, makes it obligatory for exporters to make entry of export goods by presenting a Shipping Bill electronically to the proper officer except for the cases where it is not found feasible to make such entry electronically.

The Commissioner concerned in these cases may allow manual filing of Shipping Bill. Again, this authority should be exercised cautiously and only in genuine cases. In rare cases, such interdiction may also be made with the approval of the Commissioner of Customs or an officer duly authorized by him, not below the rank of Additional Commissioner of Customs, and this will necessarily be done after making a record in the EDI system.

On account of interdictions, Bills of Entry may either be taken up for action of review of assessment or for examination of the imported goods or both. If the self-assessment is found incorrect, the duty may be reassessed. In cases where there is no interdiction, there will be no cause for the declaration filed by the importer to be taken up for verification, and such Bills of Entry will be straightaway facilitated for clearance without assessment and examination, on payment of duty, if any. Such verification will be done selectively on the basis of the Risk Management System RMS , which not only provides assured facilitation to those importers having a good track record of compliance but ensures that on the basis of certain rules, intervention, etc.

For the purpose of verification, the proper officer may order for examination or testing of the imported or export goods. The proper officer may also require the production of any relevant document or ask the importer or exporter to furnish any relevant information.

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Thereafter, if the self- assessment of duty is not found to have been done correctly, the proper officer may re- assess the duty. This is without prejudice to any other action that may be warranted under the Customs Act, On reassessment of duty, the proper officer shall pass a speaking order, if so desired by the importer, within 15 days of re-assessment.

This requirement is expected to arise when the importer or exporter does not agree with re-assessment, which is different from the original self-assessment. It should, however, be made clear that such guidance is not legally binding. The difference is that when no self- assessment is done, the provisional assessment shall get converted into final assessment and when self-assessment is done, the provisional assessment shall get converted into re- assessment. This is called First Check Appraisement.

The importer has to request for First Check Appraisement at the time of filing the Bill of Entry or at data entry stage giving the reason for the same.