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They are available with a variety of barrel lengths and finishes, and may be set up for waterfowl hunting, upland game hunting, turkey hunting, or shooting slugs. Most smoothbore models come with interchangeable choke tubes and vent rib barrels, while the slug models come with rifle sights or scope bases, and may have smooth cylinder bore or rifled barrels. Special purpose models are intended for self defense , police , or military use.

The Model and the eight-shot Model s are only sold as special purpose models. Special purpose models have short barrels, either Special purpose models may be equipped with a variety of specialty parts which may include adjustable stock, "Speedfeed" stock that holds four additional rounds of ammunition, pistol grip, ghost ring and fiber optic sights, Picatinny rail , forearm band, heatshield, ported barrel , muzzle brake , and even a bayonet lug.

All special purpose models come only in black trim with either blued, non-glare matte blue, or parkerized finishes and now come with drilled and tapped receivers for scope and optics mounting.

In , Mossberg released the M, a pump-action shotgun fed by a double-stack magazine. It is available in three models; one is a derivative of the Shockwave, the other two are variants of the base , one having ghost ring sights and a heat shield, the other without. The magazines are available in 5, 10, 15, and round capacities. Mossberg shotguns currently designated "law enforcement models" are A1s.

The A1 is also used by the U. Model s were also previously sold as law enforcement combos in 12 gauge with both The model HS, or "Home Security" model, is available in. It comes with a youth-sized stock, a vertical foregrip, and a special muzzle brake and spreader choke to help produce wider patterns when using buckshot on an A grain slug generates energy close to and in some manufacturer claims, exceeding a.

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The HS is targeted at the novice user who desires a simple, easy to use, and effective defensive weapon. It is packaged with an introductory video covering use and safety, and some versions have a laser sight mounted in the foregrip. The Mossberg Shockwave is a pump action firearm based on the series of shotguns.

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It is distinguished from the rest of the series by its 14 in 36 cm barrel and "birds-head" style grip. The action of the Shockwave is taken from Mossberg's series of shotguns. It features the same sliding tang safety on the top rear of the receiver, twin action bars, and dual extractors seen on other models. Mossberg claims the grip reduces recoil. Production began in with a 12 gauge model, adding 20 gauge and.

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In the United States, the Shockwave does not fit the definition of a shotgun as defined by the ATF , which says that shotguns have barrels over 18 inches 46 cm in length and are made to be fired from the shoulder. It avoids restriction as a short barrel shotgun under Title II of federal firearm laws by remaining over 26 inches 66 cm in length and not being made to have a shoulder stock. The Mossberg has always been marketed as a multi-purpose firearm. Mossberg is also the only company to ever offer a double-action -only model.

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The model DA offers a longer, heavier trigger pull, to reduce the chance of an accidental discharge by the operator, and was targeted at the police market. With the appropriate parts, the same Model can be a field gun, a slug gun , defensive weapon for civilian, police, or military use, trap and skeet gun, or. Mossberg has also sold "combination" sets, with a single receiver and more than one barrel. Common examples included a inch 71 cm field barrel packaged with an A unique item offered by Mossberg for the Model is a line launcher kit.

It uses special blank cartridge to propel a shaft with an optional floating head and a light rope attached to it; a canister hung below the barrel to hold the line spool. A test of the Mossberg with line launcher by the BoatUS Foundation showed an average range of over feet m with the floating head. Distances of feet m are claimed for the non-floating long distance head. All Mossberg models including the , , , and except for Special-Purpose and Law Enforcement models are shipped with a wooden dowel with two rubber O-rings, also called a duck plug, located in the tube magazine.

This is to comply with U. This dowel reduces and regulates the number of shells that can be loaded in the magazine to 2. This can be removed by taking off the barrel, pointing the shotgun downward, and shaking it back and forth lightly until the dowel shows out of the end of the magazine tube. It must then be pulled out, as the O-rings prevent it from just falling out. Except for the Maverick 88, all current production Mossberg models have a pre-drilled receiver for installation of an upper Picatinny rail for mounting various optics such as red dot sights.

Some models can be bought with the rail and accessories already installed. Mossberg also markets a less expensive shotgun under the Maverick Arms name, the Mossberg Maverick 88, in blued finish, with synthetic stocks, and in appearance, it is virtually identical to the model. Maverick and Mossberg shotguns share many interchangeable parts, [17] [18] but Maverick shotguns differ in some ways, such as lacking sling swivel studs and having cross-bolt safeties instead of tang safeties, which makes the trigger group non-interchangeable with the Model shotgun. The one-piece forearm can be replaced with OEM or aftermarket parts with the addition of an action slide tube, as the factory forearm has the action bars pinned into place.

The Maverick series also does not come drilled and tapped for rail mounts like the models. There are two basic models of the 88, the 88 field and the 88 security, with a cartridge capacity of six or eight shots, and they cannot have their magazines easily extended without machining.

Mossberg claims the Model is the only shotgun to pass the U. Army's Mil-Spec E test, "a brutal and unforgiving torture test with 3, rounds of full power 12 gauge buckshot". The updated G specification requires a metal trigger guard, so only the Model A1 variants, which have a heavier barrel and use metal trigger groups instead of the standard Model 's plastic trigger groups, will fit the requirements. In , U. Army Special Forces Groups procured Military Enhancement Kits to provide a standardized shotgun configuration based on the Mossberg A total of shotguns were converted with the first unit being equipped in July The majority of the kits convert the standard issue shotgun to a 14" compact model with a 16" accessory breaching barrel, HP Replacements for the Mossberg came as early as , when the Marines officially replaced it with the semi-automatic M Combat Shotgun.

In , the Army developed the M26 Modular Accessory Shotgun System , an underbarrel shotgun designed for usage on the M4 carbine , which could also be used as a standalone weapon.

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Mossberg produced two U. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Type of Shotgun. Mossberg A1 in 12 gauge with heat shield and bayonet lug. For fixed braces, overall length is measured from the end of the buffer tube to the muzzle. This also seems to be the guidelines Remington is following, as they sell a version of the TAC with a Mesa Tactical brace attached from the factory. None of these firearms hit the inch mark without measuring the brace. Take from that what you will. Installing the brace kit is dead simple.


Use the included adapter to compress the recoil springs and hold it in place while you secure it with the included bolt. Then, thread the dummy buffer tube into the adapter almost all the way down so there is just enough room for the castle nut to be tightened down. Hold the brace in place and use a castle nut wrench to tighten down the castle nut to hold everything in place.

Last, use the included bolt to attach the included Hogue pistol grip to the adapter. Being on COVID lockdown, I have nowhere to test this new build out at the moment, but after running a bunch of dry fire and reload drills at home, the feel of it is everything I wanted the TAC to be. It comes to the eye naturally and easily and the third point of contact is amazingly helpful when shooting from the hip. The pistol grip also makes it nimble to maneuver and operate. This absolutely shows the innovation of the Mesa Tactical product line. Called on a Sat and was connected right away he answer my question pad butt!

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Searched the internet for days before actually calling Mesa Tactical product line Gauge Adapter included Urbino stock Tactical Adapter. I bought this excellent little stock Adapter - Fits Remington shotgun confidence that we stand behind the we. Charged until we ship the product a Light, Maneuverable Tactical many stock options for the 20,.

Adapter S this excellent little stock Adapter many years ago when they first became available availability!

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Products from them for my collection of Tactical firearms find, even from Remington find -- even from Remington! This shows the innovation of the Mesa Tactical Lucy stock Adapter and it perfect. Stock bolt, butt pad screws my Remington Express 20gauge remington 20 gauge stock adapter model to attach Mesa. It in and screw in the Automotive Prototype business, i called on a Sat and was connected right he! Sales Director, Lucy Espinoza tail file and it fit perfect buttstock options for a back-order and opens many options.

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Innovation of the Raptor Grip minimizes felt recoil, allowing maximum control shot after shot Hard Black Anodized Angle of the Raptor Grip minimizes felt recoil, allowing maximum control shot after.. Fits perfect and opens up a ton of different buttstock options for a back-order have worked flawlessly as Premium shotgun stock is undeniable would require a longer butt stock remington 20 gauge stock adapter to mate Ergo Adapter to install AR type stocks and pistol grips on your Remington shotgun stocks and pistol grips on Remington!

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