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The answer is - it requires less discipline than long term trend following. You get lots of trades and profits and losses are banked quickly; this suits the trader who isn't patient or lacks the discipline to sit on trades for a long time. What exactly is currency swing trading? Swing trading takes advantage of over bought and oversold levels within the major trends and you swing trade between these levels of support and resistance.

How to Trade 100% profitable trading moving average crossover forex trading strategy

Trades typically last a few days to a week. Let's now look at this great way of trading and how to incorporate it in your forex trading strategy. How to swing trade correctly With swing trading you need to look at price momentum and determine if support or resistance levels will hold. For example, if a price comes to support you wait to see if it will hold and then take a long position and bank it before it hits resistance. You have to determine if levels will hold and here it is important to determine if price momentum is turning up above support - this is when you want to execute your trading signal.

For this you need to use some momentum oscillators. If you don't know what they are they are leading indicators that simply tell you the velocity and momentum of price. We use these in our swing trading strategy to execute our trading signals and it works very well. There both visual indicators and you can spot set ups instantly - there explained more fully in our other articles so look them up.

Stop Levels When you execute a trading signal you simply put the stop behind the level you're bouncing off and then take your profit as you come into resistance for your trade. Profit Taking In swing trading your aim is not to hang on to the trade and trail a stop but to have a profit target and bank it - hang on to long in swing trading and your profit will disappear. Does the above sound simple?

It is - but don't let that deceive you it works. I have been using a simple currency trading system based upon the above for 20 years and made a lot of money with it and you can to. Editorials » Business Resources » Trading ». Most Popular. Most trading platforms allow you to add on an additional program that will place trades for you.

The program can execute your instructions far faster than you can and analyze data and respond quicker, more precisely, and less emotionally than a human. However, the actions are only taken based on the rules and instructions programmed into it by the designer.

Join our responsible trading community - Open your Orbex account now! A savvy FX trader can use a well-implemented robotic system to facilitate their own trading procedures.

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This way, they benefit from both their own skills, as well as the speed and consistency provided by a computer program. How good that program will be at squeezing a profit out of the forex market will depend almost entirely on the strategy that it is programmed to use.

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Although some machine learning is available to major trading houses and banks, those programs are usually way beyond the means of your average FX trader. When we are talking about automated trading, we are referring generally to programs that follow preset instructions. So, the question of profitability depends on who programmed the robot. But there are some other upsides that are worth considering, too.

Winning Profitable Trend Following Forex Trading System

Forex robots or EAs can help lighten the emotional and psychological burden of trading. A program will follow the formula regardless of an emotional state that might cause hesitation or recklessness in a human trader. This lightning-fast consistent response helps turn a favorable trade signal into a profitable outcome. There is no way to predict the future for sure when it comes to the markets. Computer programs also have the ability to monitor more markets and signals than a person and turn that information into action.

This allows for developing more sophisticated trades, including currency triangulation and other more advanced trading strategies and techniques that are harder for a human to process quickly. Though it should be pointed out that this is only somewhat true. You still need to keep a very close eye on your program and correct and update it regularly. If you just buy a prepackaged EA or forex robot then you are at the mercy of the system that was designed by someone else.

When market conditions change, it will require updating. On the other hand, if you create and maintain the system yourself, it requires a lot of work to set up, test and keep up to date with the changing marketplace.

Build a Stock Trading System for Your Life!

There are a lot of people out there selling trading systems or forex robots. This is unfortunate since one of the appeals of a trading robot is getting to use more advanced systems that other traders have, without having to spend a lot of time learning. Even the ones that do initially prove profitable in the short term will become obsolete rather quickly.

Obsolete systems mean losing money. Particularly when they promise a large reward for very little effort.

Programming a profitable trading strategy

Automation works best when you use it as a tool to assist your forex trading strategy. It has a hard time replacing you as a trader, but it can help you achieve greater consistency in your execution. On the other end, it can also multiply the results of a winning strategy that you are already using. Small advantages make a big difference in your profitability at the end of the day when it comes to forex. Daniel John Grady is a financial analyst and writer.