The bot does use a hedging strategy but might still work on Oanda. I have just downloaded the BOT from your link above, could you please send me your set up and bonuses?

GPS Forex Robot Review: Is it a Profitable Investment?

I also wanted to ask you if you can suggest me any good Social platform similar to eToro which is unfortunately unavailable from Japan not Zulu tho. Hi Berni. To get all of the free bonuses just go to the contact us page and message me. I always respond to messages within 24 hours with all of the free bonuses for GPS ea.

Developer info

I do reviews of other platform and if you sign up for my email list on the hompepage I provide a good social trading platform that very few people are aware of. Could you please share your set up settings and also what you would recommend as a good starting investment? Is this the only account you are running for gps forex ea? The myfxbook link says it is a demo trading account. Are you trading real money with it at all?

Thanks Carl. I will always keep the demo account live on myfxbook, but I will also be sharing my live account on myfxbook very soon too as the returns are even higher than on the demo account. Hi Jonathan, thank you for your info and review.

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I have one question…when a profit is made will it then add to the account so it is accually compounding? Complete newbie here…Thanxs. Hi Brian.

GPS Forex Robot Reversal Trade Explained (And How To Reduce Risk)

Yes, the bot will automatically compound for you using my settings. Just set it and forget it! Could you please forward me the EA settings. Just got this setup yesterday. How long does it usually take to make a trade? Pretty sure I did the setup process properly. Some people expect the bot to trade all day long, but that just increases risk. You just need to email me via the website contact us page so I can send over all the bonuses. My pleasure. You can test on as many demo accounts as you want, but you need to buy a license for each live account yes.

I explain how to get the most out of the GPS forex robot as part of the bonuses — I filmed a video specifically on setting it up and how to increase profits if you want to take a bit more risk. In my previous comment, I said I was looking forward to your live account trading using this bot. I just realised you had already posted it here.

GPS Forex Robot 3 - Update Video 2 - NEW SETTINGS - YouTube

It looks impressive. I am intersted to buy this robot and have opened an account with FXPrimus. Do you think it would still be profitable after these charges? Appreciate your response on this. Thank you! Yes it will work with just about any MT4 broker. Hi, thanks for the review! So far the robot has not done any trade but I have the smiley face at the top right corner and the settings seems to be correct.

GPS Forex V3 EA Robot +EURUSD ONLY % Profit + Unlimited License (MT4) | eBay

Is this normal? How long time does it take for the bot to place a trade in average? Hi Alexander please note that support questions need to go via he contact us page so I can email you back. You can set it to trade very day by setting the AutoAnalysis setting to FALSE but in most cases this seems to cause to bot end in disaster so keeping it as per my settings seems the most stable and profitbale long term.

What if i would like to increase the speed a little bit. Which indicators should I twist on to achieve this. There are faster settings you can use if you set Auot Analysis to FALSE it will trade more aggressively, but everyone I know who tested this ended up blowing their account, so I stick to the slower settings which are more proven and ultimately more more profitable anyway.

Download di gps forex robot 2

How do I now get the your settings for this Robot? Are there other systems that work with a lower leverage? I sent you an email asking for your settings as promised.

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By the way. Please continue on uploading awesome content. Hi Naveed. Please just use the link above and email me once you buy it so I can send the free bonuses. I am very interested in using your settings, Kindly send me the details. Can a US client use this bot as we are limited to a leverage? The suggested leverage according to GPS is Or would it adjust to the price according to the mt4 of the broker Im in? Hi Vick. I am from Singapore and the brokers here only allowed everage of Thank you for the wonderful review.

I ordered a GPS robot by following your link. Please ask me how to set up your setup and settings. Are these accounts using the same settings, whats the cause for these losses? Looking foreward to receiving your feedback. Hi Given. I discuss that live account on my Youtube channel — look for a video about the reversal trade. Hi Jon, Thanks alot for your review, I have been researching on this GPS forex robot 3, I wanted to ask what an ideal spread, broker fees and etc.

Hi Josh.

I try to explain that this was my experience too, and since I got the settings just right the bot has worked well. As promised in the review above, I share my settings and setup video for anyone that buys the bot through my link. Hi, I have been doing at lot research looking for a long term, profitable and sustainable EA bot system. I have read and watched dozen of reviews and the GPS seems to come back positive from a number of parties. However one thing I have concluded from my research is that the settings is what makes or breaks this particular bot.

Please let me know how I can get access to your setting. I am ready to buy. Sorry and perhaps a more pertinent question, are you able to lose more than your initial deposit with this? Like in a worst case scenario? What happens if your balance goes below zero?