What are “Hawkish” and “Dovish”?
Hawkish vs. Dovish Central Banks

Therefore, a newly hawkish currency with rising interest rates should be sought to buy that currency basket and a dovish currency with low interest rates should be sought out to sell that currency against others, as it is likely to fall like the US dollar did Thursday. Get an edge on the markets with our daily trading newsletter, Trading Insights, and receive timely trade ideas covering stocks, options, futures, and more to keep you on the right side of the action.

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The stock market offers virtually any combination of long-term opportunities for growth and income, as well as short-term investments for trading gains. Tyler Yell. NEXT PAGE: Trading Either Scenario pagebreak What is Meant by a Hawkish Central Bank A hawkish central bank, which gets its namesake from the predatory and unsympathetic nature of the hawk bird, has a few main goals that strive to prevent an economy from overheating likely due to their prior dovish stance.

Learn More. Register Now. By extension, central banks also indirectly or directly control the currency market.

Hawkish & Dovish Explained!

For Forex traders, therefore, it is imperative to follow the changes and announcements of the central banks. The actions of the central banks determine the value of a particular currency and make it easier to predict the movements on the forex market. The terms "hawkish" and "dovish" in central banks are related to the attitude that those institutions take regarding the economic situations in their countries and their stance on monetary policy.

Both words come from their respective animal features, the hawk and the dove, applied to the behavior of central bankers.

'Hawkish' vs 'Dovish' Explained - GO Markets

Hawkish refers to the actions that the central bankers will take to prevent high inflation in the economy of a country. They will then increase interest rates and dampen economic growth that is too fast.

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Dovish would be the opposite situation. As soon as the speech or announcement hits the airwaves, news agencies from all over make the information available to the public. Currency analysts and traders alike take the news and try to dissect the overall tone and language of the announcement, taking special care to do this when interest rate changes or economic growth information are involved.

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Central bankers can be viewed as either hawkish or dovish , depending on how they approach certain economic situations. The Bank of England could be described as being hawkish if they made an official statement leaning towards the increasing of interest rates to reduce high inflation.

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On the other hand or claw? They also tend to have a more non-aggressive stance or viewpoint regarding a specific economic event or action.