How digital options work and how they differ from binary options

Digital Option are available on the platform. Consider updating the app to have the access to this type of options. Hello, Moiz!

How do digital options work?

Would you be so kind to update the App on your device in order to get an access to Digital Options. Hello, Karan! Please, update your app to the latest version in order to continue trading on Digital Options.

Good afternoon, Atabak! Would you mind confirming that everything is alright now? Having much higher payouts is the big attraction of digital options. Lowering the payouts will deter traders from using the product. Have already withdrawn my profits.

Digital Options. Introducing a New Trading Tool

Rao saib agar samj aa jay to phir real account main trade karna agar samj na aye to kabi bhi nai ………. Dear Waqar! Thank you so much for the feedback and for sharing your experience! Wish you best of luck! My forex part has no time limits to take a trade like 1 minute,why is that?

If you want to choose an expiration time, please, switch to Options. There you can click on the expiration time, you will see the list of expiration time available. If you trade on Forex, you close a deal anytime you want. In the right upper corner you will see the profit percentage. If it is positive green , you are making a profit. Hello, Jia! We are very sorry for the inconvenience but let me tell you that the profit on Options depends on the current market situation.

We are trying to provide the best conditions for our traders to have the real ultimate positive trading experience! Thank you for understanding and have a happy New Year! Hello Youssef! Most likely, you are talking about the delay in opening deals. Please, make sure you have a stable internet connection.

The choice of Indicators depends on your trading strategy. Digital options are great for risk off traders like i…especially when you know what your doing aka strategy but one biggest doubt …how long is digital here to stay on iq option? Cause you kicked out classic options …why. Hello Steves! Hi, Trevz! Thank you! Hello, Aruna! If you need assistance regarding your trading account with us, kindly wait for a reply from the support team.

They will do their best to revert to you at their soonest. Hello Tanveer, we are not a scam.

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Firstly, we would like to request you to not to abuse. We do not tolerate such behaviour. Secondly, profit percentage depends on the market, it can fluctuate and it is not fixed. If you and your friend are trading on same asset then please send us a screenshot of that as there can be difference for different accounts depending on conditions such as registration date etc, but the difference can never be this huge. I am also facing the same problem.

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In forex, the leverage is only. I am facing this issue since oct 23rd. Its been 2 months now still i am facing this issue. Hi Vinoth, sorry to hear that, however, we can not check your account details here on social media thus can not comment on the account. Rest assured that we can never do something bad to our traders, we are reputed broker and we always ensure transparency on our platform. Feel free to connect with support team and they will definitely assist you on the matter.

We are sorry that you are unhappy Vinoth, but support team is only following the protocols and nothing is being done intentionally to hurt your feelings. In that case everything must be correct, if there would have been something wrong then they would have definitely corrected it for you. Not only you are welcome to reach them over email but initiate a call as well. If the line is busy, we will call you back as soon as an operator finishes the call. You are a total scam.

Good evening! Our application is not a scam. We do our best to ensure that you have the best trading experience here, and that comes with a lot of trust. However, you are always welcome to share your trading experience with us and address any questions regarding your account at support iqoption. Because of such conditions I am completely unable to trade. Previously I had an account in which I had faced this same problem. So I deleted that account and created a new one and started trading. Everything was going fine. If so please let me know so that i can rectify.

Question 2 : 3 of my family members use their own account on the same PC connecting through mobile hotspot. So is the reason for getting limitations?? Question 3 : I am having an IQ Option android app installed in my mobile as well. But I never open my windows app and android app simultaneously. Should I use only one either like windows or android alone?

Digital options on the IQ Option platform

Question 4: Does this limitation have anything to do with my pc? Should I change to any other windows version? Question 5: I am losing my patience as I am unable to trade for the last three months. And this limitation on my account is so discouraging and I am unhappy about it. Is there someone who can really help me out by making things back to normal again by removing limitations?

Please point out my mistake if any for this limitation so that I can correct myself. Or still if you wanted to give the same reply like below I am forced to lose the trust in iq option. For now, we have these conditions. We thank you for understanding. These are the conditions we can provide at the moment. However, the situation might change in future, so please keep an eye on it.

Thank you for your understanding. The profitability rates depend on the current situation on the market. These are the conditions that we as a company can offer at the moment, it might change in the future. Hey hi Vivek, we are sorry that you are unhappy with the service.

We would like to inform you that we can not access your details for security reasons, here on social media, thus we can not check your information or your account. You will have to follow up with support team.

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Once again, we request you to get in touch with support team and they will be glad to assist you with it. It clearly states that IQ Option is showing partiality and not common for everyone. It is absolutely right that profit percentage is not fixed, it has never been so. It depends on many factors such as account type and so on. We never said that we do not want you or anyone else not to trade on our platform.

We love our traders, however, we are strict about our policies and we can not change them. You are always welcome to trade on the platform if you wish to.