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Given how Apple has pushed the business world not just technologically but ethically and environmentally throughout the years, it's easy to imagine how Apple could also push its fellow tech and corporate giants on this issue, as well—and provide the Clinton campaign with a marquee company to name-check on the campaign trail. Now, it seems Apple agrees. Lapowsky covered startups and small business as a staff writer for Inc. Read more.

Tim Cook stock award could give him an extra million shares - 9to5Mac

Senior Writer Twitter. There haven't been any secondary offerings, so none of them went to investors.

Apple Stock-Based Compensation 2006-2021 | AAPL

And Apple is not particularly acquisitive, so few of them went to buy companies, either. So it's fair to assume that the lion's share of the newly-issued shares - let's say million, to keep numbers round - have gone to employees. To put that in perspective, Apple now has 60, employees.

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So excluding retail, Apple has about 24, employees. Let's double that number, to include all the employees who have left over the years - call it 50, in all.

On the other hand, most current employees have options and RSUs which haven't yet vested and therefore aren't included in the million number of total outstanding shares. But the fact is that Apple has been generous in terms of handing out equity to its employees, and there's no reason to believe it won't be just as generous going forwards.

And the most recent datapoint we have - the 1 million RSUs given to Tim Cook when he became CEO "as a promotion and retention award" - certainly doesn't make it seem as though Apple is stingy with its equity-based pay.


I'm sure that Apple doesn't pay more than it needs to and I'm also sure that demand for Apple jobs significantly exceeds the supply of those jobs. But if you properly account for options and RSUs, I suspect that Apple turns out to be a pretty generous employer - more so, in any case, than Lashinsky implies.

But still, only a handful of employees get the press though a few more recently , while there are tens of thousands of Apple employees behind the scenes taking care of customers at retail stores, in AppleCare call centers, and on teams across the company.

Until this week, only those high-level, extremely valuable employees were eligible for one of the best benefits that Apple hands out: the Restricted Stock Unit RSU. However, that all has changed. Now, every Apple employee can get the valuable award. Unlike stock options, which give an employee the option to purchase stock at a certain price and thus can become worthless if the stock price falls below that level , each RSU grants the owner a single share of stock as long as they stay employed with the company for a certain amount of time.

According to an email sent to all Apple employees, RSU grants were typically given to product employees on the recommendation of the management team--and each grant was approved by the Board of Directors, making any widespread RSU awards infeasible.

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Apple has more than 90, full-time equivalent employees. But the new program allows all employees to receive RSUs.

Employee Stock Options Explained

While many employees at Apple are well compensated, both with base salary and the company's standard benefits package, others particularly in the retail sectors did not get such hefty pay packages.