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These securities are most often company stocks, but can also be commodities or currency exchange rate pairs. It is the incredibly volatile nature of this type of trade that has made them attractive to various scammers and criminal enterprises. They prey on people with little knowledge of financial markets and investing, and promise them huge returns while keeping silent about the risks and volatility. This is why regulators around the world have taken notice and clamped down on binary options, although they remain legal in the United States under certain circumstances, such as when traded on a US-regulated exchange.

Regardless of the bans, many outfits based in the CEE regions are still offering binary options to retail clients. These companies are registered outside of the region or in those countries were binary options are unregulated. For now, it seems that some national regulators are unable or unwilling to curb binary options offered to domestic retail customers outside of the EU.

While scammers are occasionally brought to justice, many other firms freely advertise binary options online to retail clients — inside the EU and the CEE region — boasting easy trading strategies that lead to big returns and good money. Regardless, in most CEE countries — at least those that are EU members — they are equally prohibited.

How To Avoid The Ban

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The UK Made ESMA’s Ban Permanent: Would the EU Do the Same?

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This broker claims to be able to provide investors with a variety of profit avenues, mainly BO trading, but also crypto mining, and […]. Twitter LinkedIn Facebook. If they get it right, they win money. If they get it wrong, they lose their investment. Remember that all three conditions are cumulative, so it will be extremely difficult for a brokerage to implement them all at once and to make this type of binary option both lucrative for them and appealing to traders.

Promising Solution For European Binary Options Traders

In short, yes. There are some viable ways to continue trading. One choice we are not going to expand on is using unregulated brokers — this is high risk and fraught with danger, to the point where it should not even be considered. One downside to the ban, is that it does nothing to address the scams. They operated outside of the law anyway, this ban will not change their behaviour It may even embolden them as they know the European regulator has no appetite to chase them. Only use regulated brokers. So with that said, let us move on to some genuine ways you can carry on trading;.

This choice will only be open to certain traders. You need to prove a certain amount of trading experience, and trading capital. Assuming you can, then you can register as a professional trader. Brokers can lawfully offer you binary options again. The downside is that you sign away any regulatory protection. You are basically saying you are financially aware enough to use high risk products.

ESMA lifts ban on binary options in the Europian Union

It is a great choice for experienced traders and indeed, many have already taken this step to continue trading just as they were. Many brokers have created similar products to binaries, but made them different enough to dodge the ban. Expect more to follow.

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  7. While not strictly binaries anymore, many of the same strategies will work. One note of caution however, is that ESMA are watching these products closely. If they feel the ban is being flouted, they may insist the new products are removed too.

    ESMA Extends Ban On Binary Options