Last edited: Oct 7, Another thing that makes it blindingly obvious, Sign up and look at what you are presented with 'Total Team members' 'Direct referrals' Your left team and your right team. Click to expand Now everyone is quiet Look, from my experience and from what I've seen This might be the best 2nd chance you get in getting some good trading gains on virtual currency. I actually started BTC trading from someone who asked an exact question like the above. Cause I'm doing this for myself And from my experience, I haven't lost a dime with MTI for almost a year, but you got to be paranoid sometimes.

So I'm guessing a lot of people pulled out But the gains are good still, even for everyone I know doing MTI currently.

Is that an independent trustworthy platform, or a report from MTI system i. As I said, the BTC pool shrunk a lot. I also have random transaction logs if you're interested?

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I know some people who've also been getting their returns and can actually show me their money. But if it quacks like a duck and it looks like a duck then it's a duck. There are always these zealots who would take the simplest moat of evidence to be the ultimate proof. What you do with it is your own responsibility. I've pulled everything out of my wallet from MTI once, saw the gains. Although if you do Luno trading right, you get more gains. But it's tiresome the MTI system seams a lot more automated. If it's a Ponzi, you won't see or feel anything suspicious, right until the end.

For as long as they have "new blood" coming in, they will do their best to maintain credibility, and honour all withdrawals. The early withdrawals are the luckiest ones, as they get the promised "returns", thinking it's the success of their trades - meanwhile is from the new money coming in. I'd say we revisit the thread in a year's time, and if I was wrong I'll gladly apologise. I'd personally stay away.

Even if by some miracle you make some money it will probably be at the expense of someone else down the line at some point. This feels an aweful lot like dejavu It's literally a rinse and repeat of the crowd 1 thread that resulted in someone getting banned For quite some time MTI have been losing "blood" as you would call it and my trades still showed alot of gains.

Emptied my wallet to Luno and it checked out This would only explain that they do trades, I don't know where and how but it's working for me as I said But this whole thread is the reason I moved back to Luno for now. I might go back if MTI shows their worth through all these paranoia and accusations etc.

mirror trading international, they legit?

I'm just doing it for the money, not to back anyone or anything Virtual currency will always be part of my portfolio cause it beat everything by far up to this day. I've just had so many interactions with people who don't understand the hectic risk they're taking with a company like that. Razia said:. This is not a risk A risk is buying BTC now and hoping it goes up. The data leak shows this. I confirmed with a number of people that their data was legitimate.

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They are not trustworthy. They tell lies and stories. They have no idea how blockchain works, they talk in circles. Furthermore MTI refuses to prove that they are trading, in a manner that can be objectively verified not just a youtube shill going "I've seen the trading happening".

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Even the youtube shill was disproved by the company that they're apparently trading on. The video was an edited demo account. If I'm to give someone K, that someone will have a a banking licence, b a financial regulator licence and c a sovereign deposit guarantee of the country it operates in. I cannot comprehend how anyone can just send K to these guys and hope for the best Fife Junior Member. Verkeer clown VIP Supporter. They are literally gambling with your money Fife Get your own thread. I already started selling my business in here.

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Explosive information about Mirror Trading International released by Anonymous ZA

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