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The strong franc was hurting the Swiss economy because it made exports expensive to foreign buyers. September 6, saw the Swiss National Bank set a minimum exchange rate of 1. Within 15 minutes of the announcement, the franc had fallen from 1.

This was a striking turn of events for currency traders, since the franc was still regarded as a safe and stable currency. End of the Swiss franc cap On January 15 , the Swiss National Bank abandoned the cap and the franc quickly rose in value.

The businesses of Switzerland felt the impact the most. The Swiss National Banks tried to bring the franc lower a number of ways, including by setting the lowest interest rates in the world. The currency has begun to steady in the midst of Get In Touch Contact Us. We guarantee you a better rate compared with the rates in our branches if you arrange the transaction online. Place your order by using the Currency Order Form provided to reserve foreign currency. Interchange will then contact you directly to give you the current exchange rate for the currency you require.

Please note that this may differ from the rate applied at the time of actual purchase, depending on currency movements. Interchange awarded Prague airport tender.

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The safest ATMs are always those located inside the banks, where tampering by criminals is much more difficult. Tipping is not obligatory, but is at the discretion of the visitor.


However, some restaurant and bars add a service charge to your bill. When included, the service charge on food and beverage is normally around 10 to 15 percent. At one's own discretion an extra amount can be added for good service. There is a 9. On August 1, an Environmental tax came into effect. For lodging houses and hotels the environmental tax amounts to USD 3 per night.

RHB Bank Wins Tender To Expand Its Currency Exchange Services At Changi Airport

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Thursday, April 1, skip to main content. Photo by: CBA. Currency Aruba's currency is the florin denoted by the letters 'Awg. Photo by: CBA marks a big year for Aruba's currency! A new series of florin banknotes has been released! The Aruba Banks listed above can also dispense US currency.