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Post by Girlinabillion » Wed Aug 14, am The new product. All of my products are assigned to two categories - one Available Products and one All Products.

When they are in stock, they show in both categories, when they are out of stock - they only show in the All Products category. Post by ainosilva » Wed Aug 14, am Gamesol wrote: 1. I noticed that if you "search" for the item after it is sold it does not show up, may be the search function needs to be configured to index this new category?

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In your instrcuction, you said to assign all products I want to feature in my "sold out" category which i did, is it correct then that the item shows there when it is still in stock because that is what is happening now? Gamesol wrote: Girlinabillion wrote: The new product. Post by Gamesol » Wed Aug 14, am ainosilva wrote: 1. Search solves that.

Out of Stock Management System - Out of Stock Manager

You can do both ways Post by ainosilva » Wed Aug 14, pm yes! Post by Gamesol » Wed Aug 14, pm ainosilva wrote: yes! His idea was to alter the default Category sort and replace it with a Stock Quantity based sort. This way you will have displayed in the category page the products with bigger stock first and so on, until you will have the out of stock items. Now those Out of Stock items might be displayed on the second up or down the last page of the category pagination. Post by Gamesol » Fri Dec 06, am andrei.

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Opencart 3x

Default OpenCart displays for all products only the availability status 'In stock'. On product listing pages you will have 7 extra positions for displaying, to show as labels:. Also you are able to quickly change AJAX both status fields and the quantity from the admin list without opening the product.

When you display extra fields for each product in the product list pages, the product box can have different heights. To make them the same height for better alignment, you only have to enable this feature and they will be set to the biggest height. Especially when you have a lot of products, this feature is very nice. With this feature you can still place an order in the admin for Out Of Stock products, even if the OpenCart setting 'Stock Checkout' Allow customers to still checkout if the products they are ordering are not in stock is disabled for the frontend. This feature shows for each option the stock quantity and if the quantity is zero it will show the 'Availability: In stock' status.

The stock quantity in working on the select drop-down box , radio button, checkbox box and images. This is really usefull if you want your customers to see how many items are left of a certain option. The labels for Availability and Delivery status can be set for each different language. On the list pages the Availability and Delivery can be displayed on 7 positions: Above the product price default Below the product price and tax As a label in the left top corner of the product image As a label in the right top corner of the product image As a label in the left bottom corner of the product image As a label in the right bottom corner of the product image As a label in the left diagonally across over the product image Stock Quantity: The default OpenCart 'Availability: In stock' can be changed into the in stock quantity number when above zero like 'Available: 20'.

Stock status in Options: This feature shows for each option the stock quantity and if the quantity is zero it will show the 'Availability: In stock' status.

Disable product order when option quantity is 0

Custom styling: Custom styling is possible on all fields together or seperatly like color, padding and font size. Update Notification: When a new update of the extension is available, a notification will be displayed with changelog. Easy and friendly administration.