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However, to take advantage of complex strategies we recommend you trade on our Pro platform.

Exchange Traded Options

Once you have Options enabled in your account, you will need to take our Options quiz to analyse your level of expertise. View the strategies available to each Options trading level, and select the Options quiz level you wish to complete. Options gives you the flexibility and ability to protect, grow or diversify their position, you can fine tune your risk exposure to meet your appetite.

With a number of strategies and jargon, Options can appear complex however all options strategies work on the same principle. Options trading just got more convenient with our fully integrated platform, all the tools you need to create and execute options strategies at your fingertips. Learn more about options trading. Once you have Options product enabled in your account, this will be available to trade in both standard and Pro platforms. Standard platform You can select Options from the product pop-up menu anywhere on the platform.

You can also select Options from under the Products menu. Pro platform The Options finder tool under the product context menu as shown in figure will allow you to filter and build different Options strategies.

What are Exchange Traded Options?

You can select from predetermined strategies from this tool. Also before placing an Options trade, you can view the strategy analytics from the order ticket. Find out more.

How do Exchange-Traded Funds Work?

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Home Products Stockbroking Investment products Options. Options Options trading is a form of derivative trading that allows you to trade on the Australian securities market. Open a stockbroking account. What are Options? Single sign-on account With CMC Markets, trade Options, International shares and other stockbroking products using one account on the standard or Pro platform. Easy set up and execution of orders Different tools available on our Pro platform to help you create and execute different Options strategies.

Options pay off diagrams and strategy analysis You can access real time payoff diagrams to help assess your strategy.

Options finder and pricing tools The Options finder tool will help you to filter and build out your Options strategies. Straight Through Processing of Orders Options orders and order amendments placed through the CMC Markets platform are sent direct to market subject to market integrity filters. Trading stock option can allow clients achieving varies investment objectives. Everbright Sun Hung Kai intends to provide professional stock option trading services in order to help clients achieving different investment objectives including:. Call option - A call option buyer has the right not obligation to buy the underlying stock at the strike price on or before the expiry day; while a call option seller has the obligation to sell the underlying stock at the strike price if the call option is exercised on or before the expiry day.

Put option - A put option buyer has the right not obligation to sell the underlying stock at the strike price on or before the expiry day; while a put option seller has the obligation to buy the underlying stock at the strike price if the put option is exercised on or before the expiry day.

Everbright Sun Hung Kai offers an electronic stock options trading platform called Stock Options Trader Pro — a powerful and dynamic trading platform that meets your different investment objectives. Key features of Stock Options Trader Pro include:. Open Account. If you are a new client, you can now download "Stock Otpions Trader Pro".

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